• Jan 24, 2020
the Charming 2.5-month-old puppy of a Jack Russell Terrier of Faya forever will remain to

the disabled person because of the person.

Photo: instagram.com/respublika_drug

To whom and why this puppy prevented to live? Which weighs – 1.2 kg!!! Really Faya could frighten someone to death, bite, snatch? No and no!

And here it is quite possible to become a target of cruelty of the youth which is in drunk waste. Or the puppy got under a sight of mentally unhealthy person? And it is the most adequate options of the reasons of the event. And if it not so, then further and there is no wish to think.

But Faya survived! And even by some miracle got to Republic Friend where already fight for her life and health. Except that the puppy had a bullet in a backbone which was safely got, so it arrived chilled, with cough and with the temperature over 40 … The baby pants and refuses to eat. Is in resuscitation conditions now. The benefit, specialists of the center have such opportunities — to organize a pressure chamber (not so long ago bought the oxygen concentrator thanks to the sponsor's help of the friend of clinic Lev Mkhitaryan and his company). There are also necessary medicines for treatment so far.

Photo: instagram.com/respublika_drug

Faya tries to live …

We wish a recovery shchenochka! Forces, patience, all benefits to people who help it!!!

of P.S. It is a pity to all of us, but, according to curators, Fayu did not manage to be saved …

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