• Jan 24, 2020

Continuation of history of a dog similar to an animation wolf.

History of touching of a dog of Michele reminding a wolf from the animated film "Once upon a time there was a Dog" received continuation. Now volunteers make all efforts to socialize her and to increase chances that for Mischa there will be a new house and the loving family.
Photo: instagram.com/aleksandra.troitskaya
so far not really trusts people (even refuses to take tidbits from hands) therefore for first "walk" it was submitted in a cage. Volunteers were afraid that the dog will panic, but she with interest looked round on the parties and even lasted to smell a grass.
Already appeared many persons interested to take away Michele home, however volunteers are not ready to give a wild dog and want to socialize her in the beginning. They do not lose hope that in the future this "the gray top" will walk willingly on a lead as a normal domestic dog.

Photo: instagram.com/aleksandra.troitskaya
we Will wish
to volunteers of patience, and Michele — the fastest socialization and full-fledged life in the loving family. All of us know what long and laborious can be this way. We know that sometimes there are "kickbacks" and as sometimes it is difficult to learn to trust such dogs to the person.

Good luck to you, Michele!

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